Wood Floor Resurfacing

Wood Floor Resurfacing in Fort Worth, TX

If you are just moving into a new home and the previous owner took less than good care of what could have been beautiful hardwood flooring, we can bring it back to its original state of glory. Save yourself the time and the grime and let us resurface your floors! From resurfacing to repairing, molding, and more, we are the experts you can trust.

If your wooden floors are covered in scratches, it isn't time to get new ones! It's time to call Hernandez. We can buff and sand your floors and cover them in a nice finish. You will be shocked at how bright, shiny, and new your wood floors look. Especially if you are looking to sell your home, potential buyers will certainly fall in love.

How often should wood flooring be refinished?

If the finish is faded and there are only minor scratches, you can get away with simply recoating your floors. However, if the wood is warped and there is extensive water damage or deep scratches, it may be best to have Hernandez provide you with wood floor resurfacing services. Give us a call today to discuss the state of your floors. We can advise you on all of your options and help you determine which one is right for you.

Don’t let water damage bring down the value of your home. When your floor has been the victim of a flood or a leaking pipe, don’t despair. At Hernandez Hardwood Floors, we can complete a full-flooring renovation to protect your floors’ character and beauty. Your flooring is a valuable investment that can infuse your home or business with both luxury and warmth; we will ensure that we bring it back to life.

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